Edge Vision strives to improve transportation by capturing real world, real time transportation flow and traffic accident data from anywhere
A software company developing a video analytics platform with computer vision and edge computing solutions
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Vyacheslav Lukin
Chief Executive Officer
Vyacheslav invented our company. He is the father of our main goals and values. He has found the first core members of our team and helped them to show their unique talents in the work process.

Vyacheslav has more than 12 years experience in IT&T field as an engineer (Megafon, Huawei, NVision, Innosoft) and has a masters degree in MSIT-SE of CMU IU.
Maxim Sokolov
Chief Technical Officer
Maxim takes care of everything you can see. He has more than 6 years experience in computer vision solutions development, was a member of Russian Robotics Team and winner of Intel ISEF.
Maxim has graduated from Innopolis University and published 4 scientific papers in robotics field.
Gleb Petrakov
Project Manager
Gleb is the voice of our team. He spends hours to help our team making better products, setting up processes and making our brand. If you have any suggestions or ideas you can write him.

Gleb has over 3 years experience in software engineering, UX/UI and product design.

Our solutions
Everyday we work hard to make roads safer
Traffic Flow Analysis
Highway road traffic analysis - counting and classification of vehicles. Measure occupancy and gaps.
More than 150 systems installed in production on Russian highways.
Check out demo video
Smart Traffic Lights
Detection and tracking of vehicles. Zone occupancy detection.
Convenient zones configuration.
Traficon protocol support.
Prototype under production testing.
Check out demo video
Incident Detection
Pedestrian detection. Stopped car detection. Lost/unknown object detection.
3 pilot projects.
Perimeter Control
Detection of Vehicle in the zone of interest.
Vehicle classification and license plate recognition.
Web interface for operator with notifications.

Accident Detection
Car accidents detection.
Detection of car collision in an automated way.
Stand alone or VMS ready plugin.
Works with Nx webinar
Our publications
Understanding the transport flow. Part 1
Delays and traffic congestions not only cost more money for the country but also make a detrimental impact on the environment and people health.

At Edge Vision we strive to make roads a safer place and are excited to share our expertise for the common good.
Understanding the transport flow. Part 2
    Probably many of you have lost internet connection while you were driving on the highways and rural roads. It's interesting that everyone is talking about "Smart City" now. Companies and government put a lot of effort and money to introduce new technologies to make our cities smarter such as 5G, but where is the city border? Where the city becomes "not a city" and should not be "smart" and why?
    Proactive maintenance based on traffic data. Understanding the transport flow. Part 3
      Adapting the proactive maintenance schedule based on traffic data will improve efficiency even further. Due to changing traffic patterns road services could reprioritize road condition surveys and maintenance activities to spend taxpayers money even more efficiently!
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