Synergy of edge computing and computer vision


Traffic Flow Analysis

Highway road traffic analysis and intensity measurement. 
Counting of vehicles Classification of vehicles on trucks, cars, buses. 
Occupancy and gaps. 
More than 10 systems installed in production on Russian highways.

Smart Traffic Lights

Detection and tracking of vehicles.
Zone occupancy detection.
Convenient zones configuration.
Traficon protocol support.
System developed. Prototype under production testing.

Incident Detection

Pedestrian detection. Stopped car detection.
Lost/unknown object detection.
3 systems under piloting on Russian highways.

Perimeter Control

Vehicle detection in the zone of interest. Classification. License plate recognition. Web interface for operator with notifications. 
4 systems is under production testing.

Accident Detection

Car accidents detection.
Detection of car collision in automated way.
Prototype is tested on Youtube videos.
Prototype is developed. Ready for production.


Vyacheslav Lukin

Chief Executive Officer
12+ years experience in IT&T field as engineer (Megafon, Huawei, NVision, Innosoft). Masters degree in MSIT-SE of CMU IU.

Maxim Sokolov

Chief Technical Officer
More than 6 years experience in CV systems development and deployment. Graduate of Innopolis University.

Gleb Petrakov

Project Manager
Over 3 years in software engineering, UX/UI design.

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