We capture real world and real time traffic flow data
to make roads safe and efficient
A software company developing computer vision solutions to enable road services make data driven decisions
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Computer vision based transport flow analytics easily integrated with your Video Management System or run stand-alone.

  • Count vehicles
  • Provide classes for vehicles (car, truck, bus)
  • Provide average traffic flow speed
  • Measure lane occupancy
  • Custom metrics on request
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  • Detection and tracking of vehicles
  • Zone occupancy detection
  • Convenient zones configuration
  • Traficon protocol support
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  • Control of road crossing for events
    • Pedestrian on the ways
    • Car stopped on the road
    • Unknown object left near the road
  • Control of prohibited zones for parking
  • Reduce EMS time reaction up to 10 times with car accident detection on crossroads
  • Monitor critical infrastructure objects like tunnels and bridges
Computer vision based system easily integrated
with your Video Management System or
stand-alone. Cloud or on-premise analytics.

  • Captures image of an accident
  • Shows precise time of an accident event
  • Shows confidence level of an event
  • Sends notification to the operator
  • Can send captured accidents for further learning
  • Configurable confidence threshold for events
  • Real-time plugin adaptation
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  • Detection of free and occupied parking spot
  • Ordering of parking spot occupation information
  • Detection of occupation of two spots by one car
  • Car accident detection
  • Vehicle type classification
  • Access control
  • JSON API with ability of integration with other applications
  • Real-time video analysis
  • Integration with wide range of camera brands and payment systems
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Our publications
Understanding the transport flow. Part 1
Delays and traffic congestions not only cost more money for the country but also make a detrimental impact on the environment and people health.

At Edge Vision we strive to make roads a safer place and are excited to share our expertise for the common good.
Understanding the transport flow. Part 2
    Probably many of you have lost internet connection while you were driving on the highways and rural roads. It's interesting that everyone is talking about "Smart City" now. Companies and government put a lot of effort and money to introduce new technologies to make our cities smarter such as 5G, but where is the city border? Where the city becomes "not a city" and should not be "smart" and why?
    Proactive maintenance based on traffic data. Understanding the transport flow. Part 3
      Adapting the proactive maintenance schedule based on traffic data will improve efficiency even further. Due to changing traffic patterns road services could reprioritize road condition surveys and maintenance activities to spend taxpayers money even more efficiently!
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